Clinical Counsellors Danielle Schroeder and Allison Prinsen speak about the importance of having ongoing emotional and social support during and after a cancer diagnosis.  When we consider just how much is required physically, emotionally, mentally, socially, and spiritually of people living through cancer, we can better understand why people cannot do it alone and why they need the right kind of support around them to help them cope. Danielle and Allison provide insight into some of the common challenges that affect individuals and their families, mentally and emotionally, after learning they have cancer; Fear and worry, especially how to live with the fear of recurrence, changes in relationships, identity issues, and grief and loss.  They talk about ways to work with these difficult emotions, and how to feel less isolated when experiencing them.

Recording of the presentation.

Also available: Slide presentation by Danielle and Allison at Callanish Society, Vancouver, BC

This webinar is a panel discussion on Biosimilars in oncology, the approval process and the potential policy position for oncology drug reimbursement. Discussion Points include Health Canada’s review and approval for sale, CADTH’S role in this area and their involvement with pCPA, and potential policy objectives and position for oncology drug reimbursement.

Presenters: Louise Binder, SYSF Health Policy, Cathy Parker, Director Policy and International Collaboration – Health Canada, and Helen Mai, Policy and Strategy Advisor, CADTH.

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The new Patient Evidence Submission Tip Sheet for a pCODR drug review offers guidance on the type of information that should be included in a patient-group input submission and how it can best be presented. The tip sheet is based on reflections and suggestions from the pCODR Expert Review Committee.

Access Patient Evidence Submission Tip Sheet

pan-Canadian Oncology Drug Review Submission Guidelines
The purpose of the pan-Canadian Oncology Drug Review Submission Guidelines is to:

– provide guidance to Submitters in the preparation of Submissions
– ensure Submissions meet the needs of the pan-Canadian Oncology Drug Review (pCODR

pCODR Guidelines

The people who wrote this guide are patients, like you. They have a disease or health problem that affects them in ways that change everything. They have had a lot of experience learning about their disease or health problem, and about the healthcare system. They know it can be difficult to choose from among treatment options.

This Guide is called a Treatment Decision Guide because it is based on an approach that uses the science of treatment decision-making in the health field. This Guide will help you ask clear and focused questions of people on your healthcare team, and get answers from them.

The Guide will also help you learn more about how Canada regulates drugs and products used in medical treatments. We hope the Guide will give you a clearer picture of treatment options, no matter how experienced a patient you may be.

Patient Guide (EN)

Patient Guide (FR)

How to find clinical trials in Canada

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