President & CEO, CCRAN

Filomena is the President and CEO of the Colorectal Cancer Resource & Action Network (“CCRAN”) – a patient-focused organization championing the health and wellbeing of Canadians touched by colorectal cancer and others at risk of developing the disease. Her undergraduate and graduate work lie in the biological sciences and educational studies. As a caregiver to her father, who was afflicted with and succumbed to metastatic cancer, his journey has served as the impetus for the founding of CCRAN, one month post his passing in August of 2006.

The past seventeen years have been dedicated to the cause of supporting, educating, and advocating on behalf of colorectal cancer patients and caregivers, to improve patients’ quality of life and longevity by furnishing evidence-based information and access to unique and novel patient programs, such as CCRAN’s innovative “My CRC Consultant”, an online tool providing the metastatic patient with evidence-based and expert reviewed, potential therapeutic options based on the patient’s tumour’s molecular profile. She has been working closely with valued health care professionals across the continuum of colorectal cancer care to ensure content acumen in the management of colorectal cancer.  She is humbled to be published alongside world-renowned experts in areas such as colorectal cancer management, PROs and PROMs, early age onset colorectal cancer awareness and education, promoting national LDLT efforts, education on molecular profiling, and more.

Filomena is a strong proponent of HTA patient evidence submissions since the inception of pCODR, ensuring the patient voice is captured and well incorporated into her HTA patient evidence submissions. She prepares these submissions not only for colorectal cancer drug therapies under review, but within therapeutic areas for which there are no representative patient advocacy groups or on behalf of patient advocacy groups who may not have the capacity to make these critically important submissions. She strives to secure robust patient and caregiver participation to help identify patients’ unmet needs, as well as capture their fundamentally important values, preferences, and priorities with the goal of ultimately ensuring reimbursement of effective treatments based on thoughtful and compelling input. She continues to be a passionate advocate for the Canadian cancer patient and their caregiver.