Clinical Counsellors Danielle Schroeder and Allison Prinsen speak about the importance of having ongoing emotional and social support during and after a cancer diagnosis.  When we consider just how much is required physically, emotionally, mentally, socially, and spiritually of people living through cancer, we can better understand why people cannot do it alone and why they need the right kind of support around them to help them cope. Danielle and Allison provide insight into some of the common challenges that affect individuals and their families, mentally and emotionally, after learning they have cancer; Fear and worry, especially how to live with the fear of recurrence, changes in relationships, identity issues, and grief and loss.  They will talk about ways to work with these difficult emotions, and how to feel less isolated when experiencing them.

This webinar is a panel discussion on Biosimilars in oncology, the approval process and the potential policy position for oncology drug reimbursement. Discussion Points include Health Canada’s review and approval for sale, CADTH’S role in this area and their involvement with pCPA, and potential policy objectives and position for oncology drug reimbursement.

Presenters: Louise Binder, SYSF Health Policy, Cathy Parker, Director Policy and International Collaboration – Health Canada, and Helen Mai, Policy and Strategy Advisor, CADTH.

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André Picard, Health Columnist for the Globe and Mail, opened the evening and set the tone for the session, sharing his expert knowledge acquired over more than 30 years on our health care system. We heard from a variety of people with lived experience on their very personal health issues and corresponding challenges accessing timely and affordable life-saving treatment. We also heard from health and mental health policy experts for the need for policy and system improvements and from politicians who expressed a deep and personal understanding of where our health care system is failing and a sincere desire to improve it. We also had a very engaged audience who articulately voiced their individual concerns and asked intelligent and insightful questions of our expert panel and politicians.

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